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The Fisherman | Debbie Shannon

The Fisherman

Set during the Prohibition, The Fisherman is the story of Daniel Constantin. He is the son of a Basque fisherman from the small fishing village of Saint Pierre in the North Atlantic, and he hates the water. His father expects him to be a fisherman like himself, but because of his small frame and his constant seasickness, Daniel is miserable failure as a fisherman. Daniel meets Seamus Flannigan, a salty Irish rum-runner who offers him a job on his contraband-carrying schooner for a promised fortune. Daniel sees this as a way to make a very profitable living at sea, win his father’s approval, and win the heart of a young girl he loves named Anouk. What follows is a gripping adventure in which the rum-running crew battle perilous seas, pirates, Federal agents, and the U.S. Coast Guard. When the crew become tangled in the world of the notorious mobster Giancarlo Abbruzzi who is out to destroy them, it is up to Daniel to take the fishing lessons he has learned from his father Marcel, hunt Giancarlo, and stop his murderous plan before it is too late. The Fisherman is an epic tale of fathers and sons and of friendship and betrayal that leads us from Saint Pierre, to Nassau, Bahamas, to the infamous Rum Row off the coast of Long Island, to New York City. Intoxicating and deeply human, Daniel’s story is a testament to the power of never letting go of your dreams and of finding your treasures where you least expect them.